Letters to Officials

Read these letters which urge Congress and this administration to Act Now!

Read this letter from The Catfish Farmers of America to OMB Director Peter Orszag. This is a response to the letter sent to Dir. Orszag by members of Congress who seem more concerned about protecting Asia’s exports, than keeping food safe for Americans.

Letter to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack from three Consumer Groups urging the Secretary to include all the species commonly marketed as catfish in the new inspection form. Read more here.

Senators Blanche L. Lincoln and Thad Cochran also wrote Secretary Vilsack asking him to support a broad definition of catfish, which will ensure that catfish products meet the standards for safety for all Americans. Read the complete letter here.

Congressman Marion Berry (Ark.) wrote to the director of the Office of Management and Budget also asking them to rule immediately, shifing the regulation of all catfish – both domestic and imported – from the FDA to the USDA. Read Cong. Berry’s letter here.